A touch of the exotic

Just like the word “Boutique” in French defines a small, exclusive business offering customized service, similarly a “Boutique Hotel” is a term used to describe a small, intimate, unique and luxurious hotel environment that provides personalized service and facilities. The location, cultural design and service are recognized to be beyond the international 5-star hotel standards.

Argyle Boutique Hotel Dali·Baicang

Opened in 1970
Total Room Number:24, ★★★★★

Argyle Boutique Hotel Qingyuan

Opened in 2017
Total Room Number:100, ★★★★★

Argyle Boutique Hotel Baiyang Lake

Opened in 2014
Total Room Number:49, Boutique
No.6, Lvyou Road(East), Baiyang Lake, Baoding, Hebei

Argyle Boutique Hotel Jinzhou

Opened in 2011
Total Room Number:32, Boutique
No.8 Fuhai Main Street, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jinzhou, Liaoning

Argyle Boutique Hotel Zhenjiang

Opened in 2017
Total Room Number:150, Boutique
No.1, Yuntaishan Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu

Argyle Boutique Hotel Qidong

Opened in 2016
Total Room Number:90, Boutique
NO. 6, Xinjian East Road, Qidong, Jiangsu
Beijing Office: +86-10-6588 6374 | Guangzhou Office: +86-20-3887 5277 

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