Six of Argyle Hotel Group’s distinctive brands have been recognised as market leaders, both in China and globally. Our brands and all inclusive beach resorts have been carefully developed in cities throughout China to meet growing demands, and we’re proud to enjoy an excellent reputation with our business partners.
Argyle’s member hotels, Beach Resorts in Australia and Small Luxury Hotels Australia have become landmarks and service leaders in their local communities.
Check out our list of luxury hotels around the world as well as Australia Beach Resorts All Inclusive and Luxury Beach Resorts Australia.

Argyle Grand is the ultimate expression of AHGs commitment to hospitality, luxury and comfort. We provide the warmest welcome, the richest experience and the fondest memories. At each of our Argyle Grand Hotels we create the perfect environment for you to dream, achieve and succeed.



Dream. Explore. Relax. Discover

Relax in your personal oasis, away from the hustle and bustle. Here, you’re free to dream, to explore, to relax and to discover, at the Argyle Resort. Let your soul and spirit fly.



Feel the Argyle Touch

Argyle hotels have differentiated themselves from other four star business hotels by our personalized service and targeting of a niche market. Whether our guests need to work, rest or play, Argyle hotels always promise a more comfortable, cozy and memorable experience for a better business or leisure trip.



Smart Stay Everyday

A vibrant cocktail of simplicity, elegance and flair for the modern traveler. A mix of vibrant dynamism with that unmistakable Australian hospitality, enlivened by a “cosmopolite” edge that sets the experience apart. At any Ausotel, we welcome you to the insider’s access to the surprising world of “WOW”.



A touch of the exotic

Just like the word “Boutique” in French defines a small, exclusive business offering customized service, similarly a “Boutique Hotel” is a term used to describe a small, intimate, unique and luxurious hotel environment that provides personalized service and facilities. The location, cultural design and service are recognized to be beyond the international 5-star hotel standards.



Discover Australia

Discover all that Australia has to offer whilst staying at one of our Metro Hotels and Apartments. You’re always welcome at our range of properties in key locations around Australia. We offer accommodation from spacious hotel rooms and suites to self contained apartments. We know you will find the perfect solution wherever you might be travelling and for whatever purpose you might be visiting.


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