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Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)
C.S.R | Engineering Actions in Argyle Projects | Argyle Vision & Mission
Our Slogan:
Serve the people, serve the community
Our Actions:
• Promoting Energy Conservation and the Use of Green Energy - We advocate the use of clean and green energy to help reduce the amount of pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.
• Education – We give the opportunity for employees to develop their skills and knowledge within the hotel industry by providing internships and other employment opportunities which will help them throughout life.
• Developing Employees as Equals - We treat all employees as equals and are opposed to all forms of discrimination.
Earth Hour is an initiative sponsored by World Wildlife Fund for addressing global climate change. On the night of March 31th, 2007, more than 2.2 million
families and companies powered down their lights in Sydney, Australia. This big activity acquired global attention and participation around the world.
In response to this, each Member Hotel will shut down all façade lighting outside and unnecessary lighting inside between 20:30 and 21:30, on March 31st of each year. We need your support to show the "Green Action".
Argyle Boutique Hotel Jinzhou has spent RMB 17 million to build a Solar Power Project, which was a first for the hotel industry to make full use of solar energy
and has helped to decrease carbon emission by 500,000 kg per year. The Solar Power Project in Argyle Boutique Hotel Jinzhou has been an example to
Chinese Solar Power Projects.
We advocate Member Hotels to implement "China Green Hotel" standards and innovative green technology.
We have designed our “Green Card” to inform long stay guests that they can obtain a discount off their room rate or a basket of fresh fruit during their stay if they do not require their sheets to be changed daily. If hotels can change sheets once every three days, it can help to decrease carbon dioxide emission by 40,000 tons per year, which means it would save coal  usage by 16,000 tons.
Argyle Academy aims to implement a culture of excellence in hotel management and provide qualified hotel professionals. We are delivering our vision through cooperation with various teaching institutions throughout China. Most recently we have partnered with Bohai University in Liaoning Province to deliver our program of excellence.
The program will also benefit employees with increased knowledge of international hotels and the global hospitality market.

Beijing Office: +86-10-6588 6374 | Guangzhou Office: +86-20-3887 5277 

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