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Argyle Hotel Group Expands Into Nepal With 116th Hotel
Source: | 2017-10-24
(BEIJING, 19th October, 2017)  Following a year of very rapid growth, the Australian Argyle Hotel Group is strengthening it’s position in the Asia Pacific with its first hotel in Nepal. The Kathmandu Ausotel is slated to open its doors in early 2019, and will be the Argyle Hotel Group’s 116th hotel under management.
“The Ausotel brand has been particularly successful because it caters to the underserved business demographic in the region”, says Argyle Hotel Group CEO Kevin Zhang.
AHG’s strategic push in midscale business hotels in Asia, particularly in Chinese second and third tier cities, has given the group an opportunity to help growing communities by providing international class hotels and venues to aid local business.
“There’s a new hotel in the Argyle Hotel Group family every two weeks, and we’re anticipating accelerated growth next year as we continue to expand into more territories.”
Thirty hotels have been added to the Argyle Hotel Group roster in the last year, and exciting new territories like Fiji and Nepal is just the beginning of a sustained strategy of Asia-Pacific expansion.
Mr. Zhang explains: “International brands have largely overlooked the incredible potential of these growing regions, focusing on low-risk targets in large cities, but they do not factor in the enormous amount of business travel that happens in smaller cities. Our understanding of Asian business culture has informed our strategy, and helped make us one of the fastest growing hotel management companies in the world.” 
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